Grades 3, 4, and 5

 Wanda Sue Wilson

My name is Suzan Wilson or as my husband used to introduce me like: Suzan with a "Z". Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to be a teacher. I've taught different grades from K-12 for the past 39 years in several different states:  starting with NC for the first 17 years of teaching, after that I went to WV for the next 20 years and then on to Ohio for a year which was 9 hours away from family and friends, so now I'm back in NC, only 3 hours away from home.

People have asked me which grade I like the best. That is really hard to say because each grade brings a different character to the service. The upper grades bring in-depth discussions as they mature and start figuring out life and what they think. The younger grades you see the shine in their face as they learn and understand new concepts.  AII grades you learn to respect them and love them as you interact with each student and all the students show their love for you in different ways but you figure it out. God has blessed me in the opportunity to work for Him with His children.

Charlie and I were married for 35 years before he passed away 7 years ago. My family now includes: my daughter(Lori) and her husband (Kyler) in Oregon; my daughter (Demetria) with my  four grandchildren (Maria, Caleb, Jacob, and Nathaniel) in West Virginia, and my son {Timothy) and his soon to be wife (Konnely) in Michigan.

Thru the years besides teaching I have enjoyed raising my family, playing racquetball, reading, and traveling. In fact it was over in France where I  met Charlie, we both liked to travel and went to school in France for our first year of college.