• “We believe the Adventist advantage in education is due to a holistic approach taken by the school system. There’s an unusual commitment to educating the mind, body and spirit.” Elissa Kido, EdD Director of the Center for Research on Adventist Education | LaSierra University


  • ACA has been a real blessing to our family. When public middle school was not working out for our child, we decided to try ACA. We are so glad we did. Our son has grown so much spiritually and has more confidence in his academic abilities. We are thankful for the academic and spiritual guidance that the teachers at ACA have given our son!  Mrs. A-----ACA Parent since 2008


  • ACA has helped my daughter learn more about God.---EO--ACA Parent since 2009. 


  • ACA has been such a blessing in our lives. When I drop my son off in the morning I know he will be in a  Christian environment and will be around people who care about people. My son enjoys  going to school and I feel safe leaving him at school for I know he won't be taught anything that will keep him away from God and still have the academic knowledge he needs. Christian Education is a blessing and a privilege and I thank God for all the dedicated staff that work there to make this happen.  Ms. N--ACA Parent since 2002. 


  • ACA is a positive for our family!  In a day, life can become very busy.  That is why it means so much when we know our children are being cared for by God fearing teachers.  Training for a child begins at home, but praise God for a school that continues that training during those precious hours of the day.  Mrs. M--ACA Parent since 2009.


  • My daughter has been with ACA of Raleigh since K4 and will be entering the 3rd grade this year.  We have loved every aspect of our experience with ACA.  The faculty are caring and consistently Christ-like in their handling of my daughter's education and character formation.  She has excelled in school, has developed a superior scholastic confidence, and she always looks forward to each day with her teacher and classmates.  We thank God for ACA of Raleigh!  Mrs. G--ACA Parent since 2006