Extracurricular Activities



  • August--School Dedication Service and First Day of School
  • September---Open House for Parents/students
  • October-  Fall Festival
  • October--Parent/teacher conferences
  • November--Raleigh Kids Marathon participation
  • December--All classes participate in ACA Christmas Church Service during church worship service.
  • January---Career Week--speakers come in to speak to all students
  • February--International Festival (34+ countries from the church/school participate).  This event is often combined with an every-other-year rotation of History Fair or Science Fair
  • March--Spring Education Sabbath---7th and/or 8th grade students preach and all other students participate in the program.
  • April--ACA Open House and Preregistration event---with parent conferences---all students and families attend.
  • May--8th Grade Graduation Trip
  • May--Field Day and ACA Talent Show held together---same day
  • May---Graduation--(Kindergarten and 8th grade, Distance Learning)---all ACA students participate in this service 
  • Monthly-  Classes lead the church praise service or have special music during the service
  • Weekly- Art, Music and Technology Classes, Marathon Training 
  • Daily- PE classes daily from Monday through Thursday
  • Piano lessons available afterschool based on availability