Adventist Christian Academy of Raleigh

Raleigh | NC
Supplies for Grades 6 through 8
Supplies for Grades 6 through 8
Grades 6 - 8 Supply List

Bible (version of choice)


Ruler 12 in (inches/metric)


Protractor for math


Compass for math


4 packages of Pencils--#2 lead


Colored pencils—prefer at least 24 colors


Red pens (two)


4 Black ink pens


4 packages of wide rule notebook paper


9 spiral composition books


2 packs graph paper


4 packs 3x5 LINED index cards


2 packs 4X6 Lined index cards


Water bottle


USB Thumbdrive (minimum 2 gig) (for saving files and creating grade spreadsheets).


2 boxes Kleenex


1 box quart sized Ziplocs


Calculator (optional)