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Kindergarten Classroom
Kindergarten Classroom


Above, L to R: Lynette Angeles, Assistant Teacher; Angie Paulk, K4-K5 Teacher

SAMPLE Kindergarten Newsletter

Theme: God Made Families
Bible Readings:
            Genesis 2:18-23; 4:1-2 Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel
            Genesis 25:21; 24-26 The  Twins: Jacob and Esau
            1 Samuel 16:1-13  David Is Anointed
            Luke 1:5-25; 57-66 The Birth of John the Baptist
An example of one Bible activity after the Bible reading, “David is Anointed.” Activity: “Animal Families.” The children cut out cards with pictures of different animal mothers and their babies. They mixed up these cards, after cutting them out, and placed all of them face down on the table to play a game of “Concentration.” Then they matched pictures of the animal babies to their mothers.
GROUP READING/FUNDATIONS: The children spelled words orally this week, by snapping their fingers. I gave three words each day. This will take time, but it will help the children to understand the concept of “spelling.” They also used the magnetic board to spell words. The children worked in their two handwriting books this week, in class, during free time and quiet time. When they complete a book, they will bring it home. For reading, the children are learning vocabulary and trick words. They also read sentences on achart, on paper and do worksheets related to their reading.
MATHThis week the children completed the unit on coins. Please review these coins with your child and ask them how many pennies each coin is worth: 1 cent/5 cents/10 cents and 25 cents. Playing a game with these coins at home will help your child become familiar with the different coins. They also started Measurement this week and will complete this unit during January 28-31.
SCIENCE: It took a couple class periods for all the children to complete their wild cat puppets. Next week they will concentrate on “Patriotism.”
MUSIC: Thank you to the parents who brought their children to church on Sabbath to sing our special song. 
Thank you, Abigail Dizon, Makenna McGuire, Wesley Martin, Elijah Echols and Kelvin Morara for doing so well singing on Sabbath.   
ART:  The children made a patriotic banner for art on Friday. This is an introduction to our unit in science for January 28-31 on Patriotism.
Have your children read the sentences on the reading worksheets I send home. Also have them read the page with sentences when I send them home. Poetry will soon follow.
MATH: Please review with your child the name and value of the four coins.