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Online Payments
Online Payments

 Monthly payments may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. PREFFERED METHOD: Pay online at Adventist School Pay with options to pay by bank account or credit card. (Fees for using a  credit card will be the responsibility of the parents and will be added to the monthly statement.)
  2. Write a check and bring it to the school to Mrs. Eberhart
  3. Mail to the school address:
      4805 DILLARD DRIVE
      RALEIGH, NC 27606
      d. Your bank's online bill pay.

    click here: Adventist School Pay

  Adventist School Pay setup instructions:

  1. Register for an Adventist School Pay account.
  2. Log in to your account and add your child.
  3. Add your child/children that you are paying tuition for. Check your invoice for your childs student ID number and use that as their account number.
    1 my accounts students
  4. When you have added your children to your account, click "Done: Specify Amount(s)"
  5. You can now enter your payments for each child as it is listed on your bill.
    2 Tuition Fees
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